Huqi Liu



  Associate Prof. Huqi Liu


  Contact Information:

  Mailing Address:

  College of Life Sciences

  Northwest A&F University

  Yangling, Shaanxi 712100

  P. R. China

  Phone: (86) 29-87092262

  Fax: (86) 29-87092262


  Office: North Campus, Science Building, College of Life Sciences, E5o3


  Research Interests:

  1. Functional Genomics, Molecular Mechanism in flower development in Ranunculaceae

  Research focus on a serious of nature floral organs variants of Anemone rivularis var. flore-minore. The variation mechanism was studied preliminarily through molecular identification,morphological observations,and MADS  genes analysis.

  2. Functional Genomics, Molecular Mechanism in Insecticide Resistance

  Using subtractive hybridization  technology and cDNA arrays technology, screening and cloning of mosquito insecticide resistance-related genes. Using insecticide resistance bioassay and adding synergist (metabolic detoxification enzyme inhibitors) to study the mosquito's resistance-related genes and molecular mechanism of resistance , provide theoretical and practical basis for the mosquito insecticide resistance management .

  3. Hypoxia-induced injury Resistance and Molecular Mechanism Research.

  Neuroglobin (NGB) played a major role in the hypoxic injury as the neuroprotective protein, in this aspects,we intend to establish the C. elegans hypoxia response and Anti-hypoxic injury model through preparaing transgenic C. elegans strains which highly expressed human NGB , clearly NGB-line anti-worm model of hypoxic injury; On this basis, using a large-scale worm genome-wide RNA interference screening technology, large-scale screening for participation in hypoxic response and anti-hypoxic injury the relevant factors, to build NGB is involved hypoxic response signaling pathway, and clearly the regulatory mechanism for the hypoxic injury to provide a strong basis for the prevention and treatment. this project with the Military Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Radiation Medicine, Cheng-Gang fellow co-operation.


  Education Experiences:

  Northwest A&F University, P.R.China ( Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) ,Ph.D. 2005.

  Northwest A&F University, P.R.China(Biochemistry and Phytochemistry), M.S. 2001.

  Fudan University, P. R. China,( Plant Biology),B.S.1992.


  Professional Experiences:

  Associate Professor in College of Life Science, Norwest A&F University (2010-present)

  Senior Visiting Scholar in Auburn University,AL,USA. (2009-2010)

  Associate Professor in College of Life Science, Norwest A&F University (2004-2009)

  Research Associate( Visiting Scholar) in Auburn University,AL,USA. (2002-2004)

  Assistant Professor in College of Life Science, Norwest A&F University (1997-2002)

  Teaching Assistant in College of Life Science, Norwest A&F University (1992-1997)


  Honors and Awards:

  Southeastern Branch Outstanding Student Display Presentation Award (Ph.D. Student) Entomological Society of America.2004.



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