Weimin Chen


  Associate Prof. Chen, Weimin


  Contact Information:

  Mailing Address:

  College of Life Sciences

  Northwest A&F University

  Yangling, Shaanxi 712100

  P. R. China

  Phone: (86) 29 87092262

  Fax: (86) 29 87092262

  E-mail: chenwm029@nwsuaf.edu.cn

  Office: North Campus, Science Building, College of Life Sciences, D308


  Research Interests:

  1. Diversity of rhizobia

  2. Microbial ecology

  3. Bioremediation of contaminated soil


  Education Experiences:

  Northwest A&F University, Microbiology, Ph.D. 2009

  Northwest A&F University, Plant nutrition, M.S. 2006

  Northwest A&F University, Soil and Agricultural Chemistry, B.S. 2000


  Professional Experiences:

  Associate Professor in College of Life Science, Norwest A&F University (2011-present)

  Postdoc fellow in The Peking University (2009-2011)


  Honors and Awards:

  The First Prize of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Award (2/4), 2016



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